Shopify Plus: Essential Features That Make This Platform Stand Out

Shopify Plus: Essential Features That Make This Platform Stand Out

Are you searching for an enterprise e-commerce platform that will help you to draft a professional site quickly and by yourself? If yes, you need to consider using Shopify plus. This platform has a user-friendly interface to enable you tocreate a website without hiring a designer. Also, it will enable you to build a site quickly because of the drag and drop editor which will allow you to transfer elements to your place of choice.

The good thing about Shopify plus is the customization feature. With this, you will draft a unique site that will make you stand out from your competitors. Here are 4 unique feature of Shopify plus:

Reliable customer support

Nothing feels good like asking for help,and someone responds to you quickly. Shopify plus has reliable customer support that will assure to provide you with positive feedbacks any time you contact them. You can get feedback via a free phone call, a text, or a live chat. With this, you will get an opportunity to fix issues quickly and run a successful business.

Integrated payment gateways

Offering various methods of payments for customers to choose is crucial as you will enhance their experience. In this, essence, using Shopify plus as your enterprise e-commerce platform will enable you to provide over 70 payment gateways. With this, you will make the checkout process short as the customer will use a method of choice.

Shopify plus has excellent marketing tools

Marketing your products is crucial as you will bring them closer to the customers. You can have great products,but without marketing them, no one will make purchases. Hence, using Shopify plus to create your enterprise e-commerce website will enable you to market efficiently. This platform comes with the SEO feature to allow your site rank higher on search engines. With this, more customers will land on your site and can make purchases.

Social media is another marketing tool you will get from Shopify plus. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular and have many users. Hence, using social media to market your products can drive traffic and increase sales.

Shopify plus comes with fancy Google fonts

Having a fast loading site can enhance customers’ experience. As you know, no one loves to land on a sketchy site. Customers will view a slow loading site as sketchy. To avoid this, you need to enhance the loading speed of your site. Shopify plus can help you achieve this. It has fancy Google fonts to make your site speedy. With this, Google can easily recognize your site,and you can appear at the top.

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