3 Reasons Why Magento Enterprise Is Not the Best Enterprise E-Commerce Platform for StartersWith A Budgetary Constraints

3 Reasons Why Magento Enterprise Is Not the Best Enterprise E-Commerce Platform for StartersWith A Budgetary Constraints

Every entrepreneur’s goal is to create a professional site that will enhance customers’ experience. However, it may be difficult especially for starters to come up with a unique site. In this essence, you need to consider using an enterprise e-commerce platform. Most of these platforms have the customization feature to enable you toadd elements and come up with a unique site. You can add the logo of your business and high-quality videos to allow customers to differentiate you from your competitors. Shopify plus and Magento enterprise can help you achieve this. However, Magento enterprise cannot be the best for starters with budgetary constraints. Here are3 the reasons why you should not consider using it:

Magento enterprise charges high costs

Paying a tremendous amount of money to build a site can be a bad experience for starters. Most entrepreneurs start an online business because it is cheap and they will make more sales. Hence, charging higher costs for building a site can cause losses to the entrepreneurs. Magento enterprise will charge you $ 20,000 which increases as you demand advanced features. You can pay more for fancy templates, add plug INS, as well as integrated payment gateways. With this, the amount can be higher for a starter as they need more to invest in their business.

Magento enterprise involves a lot of coding

Codes are essential as they will help you professionally design your site. They will allow you to customize your site and look unique to stand out from competitors. However, not everyone can perform the coding. You need to have skills to make it look perfect. At times, you may need to hire a designer to accomplish the task for you. The designer can ask for more money which could be too high for a starter.

Magento’s customer support

Customer support is crucial as it will help you to fix issues quickly. At times, you may encounter challenges when building a site. In this case, having an assurance that there is someone to contact is crucial. The Magento enterprise has a community as customer support. It can stay for days without responding to you. Hence, this platform is not the best for starters.


Having the best enterprise e-commerce platform is essential as you will have an opportunity to enhance the functionality of your business. You will have advanced features that will drive traffic to your site. Also, you will get an opportunity to improve customers’ experience and increase sales.

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