How to migrate Magento to Shopify – Managing the process and expectations

When you already have a website it can be tough to admit that something about it is simply not working and that you need to make a change. However, when looking around we noticed that a lot of people had some serious issues with their Magento sites and things like adding apps, marketing, the cost of the maintenance of the site and so on were issues that kept popping up and it is those exact reasons that made a lot of people wonder “how to migrate Magento to Shopify?”. The answer to that question is exactly what we will be looking into in this article, so make sure to keep reading bellow to find out more about the migration process between these two platforms.

Make sure to evaluate all of your available solutions

Even though the main point of this article is to talk to you about how to migrate from Magento to a Shopify website, something that you definitely need to do is to evaluate all of your options, and also means talking to other web builders as well. Contact BigCommerce, LemonStand, DemandWare and so on and ask them all of the questions you should ask Shopify before you decide to work with them. Ask if they can handle your website and everything that you want to do with it and it order for to be able to ask the right questions make sure to write everything down and go to them with that list.

You need to work with the right development team

One of the things that can really make any website flop is working with the wrong development team. So, when talking about how to migrate Magento to Shopify you need to make sure to find the right team to work with. If you speak to someone from the Shopify team they will definitely be able to recommend you some great teams and when you are considering which team is the best make sure to see how much exposure they’ve had to the platform, what their prices are and, of course, to get to know their personalities, because after all you will have to work with this team on a long run and you want to be sure that you will get along.

migrate Magento to Shopify

Create proof of concept

This is a step that a lot of people are tempted to omit, but you really shouldn’t do that. Make sure to really test things out before you go down the wrong path and you also need to make sure that Shopify will be able to do everything that you feel is absolutely necessary for your success.

Set goals that are reasonable

The last and final step is something that you really need to make sure you do, and that is to set really reasonable. Don’t go hurrying into the process with a lot of over-confidence because getting used to a new platform takes time. Whatever you think it will take for you to get the site live, double it and even if you manage to get the site up and running before that, you will still be able to take things slow, not rush anything and really make sure all bugs are tweaked and all tests have been done.

Even though Magento is one of the top rated platforms out there, the fact remains that a lot of people simply didn’t find it good enough for their own websites. If you are someone that is also wondering how to migrate Magento to Shopify, then we hope you found this article interesting and that you are able to understand a bit better how the process will go.

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